Important Dates to Remember

There are specific deadlines to meet for exemptions and for challenging your assessment.

January 31 – Town and County Taxes Due (without interest)

See your town’s web site for information on payment plans and interest due.

March 1 - Exemptions

This is the deadline for filing applications with your local assessor for exemptions. This includes the most commonly used exemptions such as the Agricultural, Veterans, STAR and Enhanced STAR. See list of all the exemptions.

Please note for enhanced STAR -  Many people miss their first year of eligibility for this exemption by not understanding the age qualifications. The exemption reads that you must be 65 in that taxable year. This means if you turn 65 at any time (even December 31st) in that taxable year and apply for the Enhanced STAR exemption prior to March 1st (when you are 64) you will be eligible for that year.  In most towns the deadline is March 1st. Always check with your assessor to see what the date is in your town.

See forms and important info on Enhanced STAR renewal requirements

May 1 – Tentative Assessment Roll is Public

This is a preliminary assessment roll that is viewable at the assessor’s office where you can check your assessment, market value and related information, as well as review the assessments of other properties in the community. Since this is a paper document, you may need to ask for help locating comparable properties.

May  - 4th Tuesday - Grievance Day

This date varies from town to town. It is best to check with the assessor from your town for the exact date. You must fill out a form for a Complaint on Real Property Assessment. This form is RP-524. This is the link to the form RP-524 (Fill-in) and this is the link to the instructions RP-524 (Instructions)  Once you have filled out the form you can give it to the assessor or to the Board of Assessment Review.

July 1 - New Homeowners: Register with NYS to Receive a STAR Credit Check in September

Existing STAR recipients don’t need to take any action – they will continue to receive the property tax exemption. Homeowners—including all who purchased their primary residence after August 1, 2015—must register for STAR with New York State instead of applying with their assessor. Property owners who bought their home before May 1, 2014, will continue to receive the STAR exemption and don’t need to take any action.

New STAR applicants are eligible for the STAR credit rather than the STAR property tax exemption, which they may have received for previously owned properties. Homeowners will receive a STAR check instead of an exemption on their school property tax bill. The eligibility rules are the same.

See complete details

Q&As on new STAR program

No Later than July 1 – Final Assessment Roll is Filed

This lists information for every property in your municipality or county. The information on the assessment roll is required to be available from your municipal or county website.

Small Claim Assessment Review (SCAR) Due within 30 days of Final assessment Roll filing

The Small Claim Assessment Review or (SCAR) application must be filed within 30 days after the final tax roll is filed. See Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) - New York State Unified ...

September – School Property Tax Bills Mailed