Argument Worksheets for Property Comparisons

Download Blank Argument Sheet to Use for Each Comparison Property- (Word Document)

Download Blank Argument Sheet to Use for Each Comparison Property - (PDF)

An Argument Sheet is where you can compare "apples to apples." It is the "Meat & Potatoes" in your effort to get your assessment lowered. Anything that your property does not have but the comparison property does have, take the estimated cost of each item and total them. (Ex. attached garage, paved driveway, covered porch, second bathroom, brick siding, shutters and land difference). You can get this information from a general contractor. Subtract that from the total assessment. Now factor in the age. If your house was built in 1980 and theirs was built in 2010 there are 30 years’ difference in age. Make the argument that in 30 years there were advancements in window technology, insulation, vinyl siding etc. We all know that everything depreciates so why is it not considered in our assessments? Now take a 1% depreciation factor on your house each year for the past 30 years. Figure that in and see how your two assessments compare now "apples to apples.” If it shows you are assessed higher than your comparison house use that one. Do this with all your comparison houses. Read more