Land Values By County

In 2018 Tax My Property Fairly emailed a question to all County Real Property Director's in the State asking them for a Land Value Chart for each respective County to assist property owners in understanding the value of their property.

The overwhelming response was that there was no such thing as a Land Value Chart and that we should contact each local assessor for the values they use in determining assessments. We did receive a Land Value Chart from Assessor Barry Flansbury for Genesee County so we knew the information exists even if it may be under another name.

In 2020, Tax My Property Fairly again sent out an email to each individual assessor in these 11 counties: Genesee, Ontario, Erie, Livingston, Seneca, Monroe, Wyoming, Wayne, Yates, Orleans & Niagara. One hundred and seventy assessors in all. This is the question that was asked so that we could share the information with our readers.

Good Afternoon, We are currently trying to establish a list with each taxing jurisdiction for the current general rate per 1.00 acre of the different types of land to assist property owners in understanding the value of their property. We know there exists a sliding scale when larger amounts of land are owned. We are not asking for the sliding scale, only the value of the first one acre such as it is below. If you have additional categories, please list those also. -- Primary - $15,000.00, Residual - $1,500.00, Tillable - $4,000.00 (good) $3,000.00 (normal) $2,500.00 (poor) Woodland - $2,200.00 (good) $1,800.00 (normal) $1,200.00 (poor) Wasteland - $600.00 -- The goal is to list every taxing jurisdiction in every county across the state. Please respond as soon as you can. The Tax My Property Fairly team appreciates your help so we can make this available to all the property owners who have asked us for this information. Thank you.

These are the responses we have received:

Genesee County: One response.

Assessor Barry Flansbury: (Towns of Oakfield, Elba & Byron): Primary - $18,000.00, Residual 0-5 acres - $2,600.00, 5+ acres - $2,200.00, "A" Tillable - $3,600.00, "B" Tillable - $3,300.00, "C" Tillable - $2,900.00, Pasture - $1,200.00, Woods/Wasteland - $900.00

Ontario County: No responses.

Erie County: One response

Assessor Rebecca Baker: (Town of Lancaster) Due to the diversity of neighborhoods/districts in the town, the land breakdowns and values can vary. Please call your assessor to verify you neighborhood/district so that you can receive the correct values. Phone: 716-683-1311

Livingston County: One response.

Assessor Lisa M. Bennett: (Conesus & Livonia) In response to your request, I would be glad to provide any information that will help our Tax Payers understand the values of their properties. An informed Tax Payer is important. We are a small town where everyone knows each other and our door at the Town Hall is open to the public. I am part time and our deadline of March 1st is approaching fast, so it will be next week before I can get the values to you. (No further response)

Seneca County: One response.

Assessor Deborah Waite: (Seneca Falls) You should contact an appraiser or a real estate broker. Thank You...But when I calculate the market, I study the sales and I do not use one specific number. Have a great day.

Monroe County: One response.

Assessor Agostino Mineo: (Gates & Rush) Every town has a different rate for each different acre of land and a different rate depending on the location of said acre. Such as waterfront or rural or urban or suburban. You should probably reach out to someone at the State level to acquire the info you are requesting for every taxing jurisdiction.

Wyoming County: No responses.

Wayne County:

Yates County: No responses.

Orleans County: One response.

Assessor Barry Flansburg:  (Town of Barre): Primary - $17,000.00, Residual 0-5 acres - $2,400.00, 5+ acres - $1,800.00, Tillable (Normal) - $3,100.00, (Poor) - $2,900.00, Pasture - $1,200.00, Woods/Wasteland - $900.00

Niagara County: No responses.

We thank the assessors who took the time and effort to respond to our request.

Updated Feb 13, 2020