Land Values By County

Here are the responses to our requests for a simple comparison sheet of rates in towns in each county. After receiving numerous questions from taxpayers on how land assessments are made, we asked for a County Land Value chart assessors use to do assessments in each county. The purpose? The more information we can provide to taxpayers the better they can understand how the system works. This in return could make the job of the local assessor easier because they have educated taxpayers at the informal meetings.  As you can see, most had no such information that they could or would share. The responses were oddly all very similar. If town links are not listed here please see:

Albany County - "There is no County Land Value chart.  All local jurisdictions have their own land schedules.  You will need to contact them individually to see if you can obtain the information you are looking for."

Allegany County - "You would need to request land tables from the towns.  The towns create and maintain those tables."

Cayuga County - "No such thing exists." 

Franklin County - "There is no County Land Value Chart. All land value questions need to be directed to each Town’s Assessor.  There are no 2 alike because each Town is different and the land values change depending on when a town does a reval. The link below is a list of the Town Assessors and phone numbers.";/content/Documents/File/489.pdf

Fulton County - "Please be advised that Fulton County, as well as a majority of Counties, do not perform the assessment function. Therefore, there is no County Land Value Chart.  Each town, depending on when the town does a reval, develops their own land values based on their own sales. This information is then typically placed in whatever valuation software being used."

Genesee County (download PDF)

Greene County - "Assessments in Greene County are established at the Town level, by the local assessor. You will have to contact each of them individually to receive the information you are requesting. Attached is the contact information for the assessors in Greene County."

Herkimer County - "We currently have no “County Land Value Chart” used for land values in our County. You would have to contact each Town & City assessor for this information." 

Livingston County - "I would suggest that you contact the individual assessors for their land values. Each Town can have it's own land values based on many factors."

Montgomery County - "You would need to contact each assessor in the county for that information.  We don’t have that information at a county level." Here is the link: 

Monroe County - "There is no County Land Value chart, all assessing is done at the town, village or City level with a couple of exceptions. So land value is done at these levels. "

Ontario County - "I'm not sure what you mean by a “County Land Value Chart”? Land value comparisons for counties in Upstate NY are used to do assessments."

Saratoga County - "Assessing in Saratoga County is done locally at the municipal level. Each municipality has their own set of land values. That information does not reside at the county level."

Tioga County - "We do not have a land chart at the county level.  All valuation is done at the town level.  You can get our assessor’s contact information from our website under Real Property/assessment rolls." Our county website:

Warren County - "You would need to reach out to each individual Town for the land schedules.  We don’t have them here at the County level." Director, Real Property Tax Services

Wayne County - "Assessments in NY are established at the Town level, by the local assessor. Each town may be at a different level of assessment and have different rates they use for land. You would need to contact each town individually. We do not provide assessment services at the County level in Wayne County."

Wyoming County - "Our county does not have a County Land Value chart.  Assessments are determined at the town level, by the assessors."