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Thank you sooooo much. I was able to reduce the assessment from 204,000 to 175,000. Again thank you very much for all you do .. Tim

Nothing will change unless we the people voice our opinions, relay suggestions to our elected leaders and show them we care. Here are some ways you can make a difference.

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Voice Your Opinion

  1. Talk to the elected officials in your region. The best way is to call the office and express your concerns. You can also write an email or send a letter.
  2. Sample Letter to personalize and update with your story to send to your elected officials.
  3. NYS Assembly Member Office Telephone Numbers 
  4. NYS Assembly Member Email Addresses
  5. NYS Assembly Leadership Contact Info
  6. NYS Senate - Find My Senator
  7. District Maps
  8. Contact your NYS representatives
Participate in your local government by voting, staying current on local issues, and by attending and participating and making your concerns known at town and school board meetings. (See example below of notices sent by school districts on budget discussions.)

Your Testimonials!

Tax My Property Fairly has proven time and time again that the tools and resources provided on the web site are effective in reducing taxes for the NYS Taxpayer.  They are always refining the process In Accordance With (IAW) New York State’s guidance/policies and lessons learned from talking to the Assessors, BAR members, and SCAR Hearing Officers. We all have a voice and our voice needs to be heard. Thank you.
"I wanted to circle back around and let you know the outcome of my grievance. I had informal meeting with the assessor and they granted my grievance. They didn’t come down to $327,506.00 but she came down to $340,000.00. (a $100,000 reduction! ) Thank you so much for your amazing website and your expertise. I truly appreciate it!"  
"You guys are awesome! All your help is much appreciated."
"Thanks for your exceptional customer service, even on Mothers’ Day weekend.Please pass on my thanks to your consultant, who wrote the excellent grievance case study and provided very candid responses, tips & references for my follow-up actions. They are very much appreciated. Thanks for the valuable service that you provide to taxpayers. TMPF is a great community resource & service."
"Just wanted to say thank you for the information you provided. By working through your steps I was able to lower the total assessed value of my home by over $57,000 and my total market value by almost $85,000, all  through an informal meeting with my assessor. Please keep up the good work! Thanks again!"
"The final assessment was brought down to $152,000.  It had started at $174,200 and we had asked it to be brought down to $148,000 so we are very satisfied. Mr. Golisano's website was most helpful to us."
"I was able to get a favorable outcome, due to all of your help I am sincerely grateful for that."
"I just went in to the assessor with lots of comps figured out by type of home and square footage cost. I not only wiped out the increase on my home $110,000.00, but got $50,000.00 more off my past assessment!!! It really does pay to be prepared! Thanks for your help. I'll let you know what happens to the rest of our street!!!!"
"Thank you for your website.  I followed the directions and got my assessment to stay at the level it was. You really helped me fill out the forms.  I submitted pictures and descriptions from zillow and my camera of the 3 comps my town furnished and photos of my own house.  I compared my house to the 3 comps.  On grievance day, after seeing the photos, they didn't even argue.  The assessor accepted my submission.  They had raised my assessment $7900.  Now it is staying the same."
"I deeply appreciate your focusing on the overburdened property tax issue we face here in New York State. You have no idea how much your work is appreciated !!!!!"
"I like to say thank you for the information on your website."
"I️ hope that many people are able to obtain the knowledge from your site that is needed to challenge for fair property assessments."
"I found your web site through the local news paper. I applaud your efforts in trying to fight the NYS corruption."
"The issue of absurd property taxes in NYS needs attention and thank you for all you are doing."
Thank you for all the info on the website.
I deeply appreciate your focusing on the overburdened property tax issue we face here in New York State.

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