Helpful Tips

Tips for Grievance Day

  • Relax. Be yourself.
  • Be quick, but do not hurry your presentation.
  • If you do your homework, you won’t need an appraisal. It WILL take some work.
  • The Board of Assessment Review is there to hear your case with an open mind, not to try and prove you wrong.
  • Prepare your case in writing so you don't forget important information that could help reduce your assessment.
  • Bring Photos! You can not have too many photos. Many people take photos of other comparable properties and not their own. Photos of the inside of your residence can be critical to reducing     your assessment. Not having photos of the inside of your residence can set off a "red flag" to the Board of Assessment Review and give them the impression that you be hiding something. The Board cannot take your word if you say the inside of your house is run down and over assessed.
  • It is your responsibility to prove your case and have the correct evidence. The Board of Assessment Review will only review the information that is presented to them at the meeting. They will not do the work for you.
  • Although there may be a time limit, do not let that stop you from presenting evidence. If there are not a lot of appointments, a time limit can be extended so that evidence can be given. In cases where there may be a time limit, if the evidence is provided in writing it can be reviewed by the Board after the meeting and before a decision is made.
  • Do not expect a decision to be made while you are at the meeting. The Board of Assessment Review cannot make an "on the spot" decision.