February 2022 Newsletter

February 15, 2022

Welcome to our February newsletter featuring what's new and key dates to be sure you are not missing any deadlines. Now is the time to review and assess your property tax situation and prepare to take action if you feel your assessment is not accurate. We have a wide range of resources on our website for guidance. You can also email us with any questions.


  • Apply by March 1st for Exemptions
  • Governor Hochul Announces New Property Tax Rebate Program for Low and Middle Income New Yorkers
  • Residents of Manufactured Homes, Note Law Change for STAR
  • Appraisal Methodology for Solar and Wind Energy Projects
  • You May Receive a Greater Benefit Switching to the STAR Credit
  • New Homeowners! Register for STAR Credit
  • New! Second Case Study on Grieving By Excessive Assessment
  • Point of View - The Fears of Grieving Your Property Tax Assessment
  • Grounds for Complaint – What Avenue to Take to Grieve Your Assessment?
  • Updated Resources
  • Latest Property Taxes in the News
  • Get Your Free Tax My Property Fairly bumper sticker

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