Updated Info on Grieving by Unequal Assessment

August 30, 2021

Grieving by Unequal Assessment is very hard to win.  Of the four ways property owners can grieve their assessments, grieving by Unequal Assessment is by far the hardest to prove and win.

The difficulty in proving Unequal Assessment is that you need to prove your assessment is unequal to the average percentage of value to all other properties on the same assessment roll. This is very time consuming and almost impossible to prove with thousands of other properties being on the same assessment roll. Not only do you have that hurdle but the Equalization Rate, the RAR (residential assessment ratio) and the uniform percentage of value are decided by the State of New York, not the assessor.

Excessive Assessment usually provides a much better chance of winning your grievance.

If you are still determined to grieve by Unequal Assessment, there is a process you can try. See our updated
Resource on Grieving by Unequal Assessment here