Where Did Americans Move in 2022?

January 11, 2023

North American Moving Services Releases National Movers Study

North American Moving Services Movers Study Map

From North American Moving Services: In 2022, Americans were on the move, but where to? Most found themselves leaving high cost of living areas in favor of warmer climates and more reasonable housing conditions.

The chosen states for inbound moving migration predominantly reside in the south. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, many of these states were among the first to lessen Covid-19 regulations. While it’s a possibility that the surge in remote work leads people to areas with less restriction in the short term, it could also be that these locations offer a smaller tax burden in the long term as well.

Takeaways From the 2022 Moving Migration Report

While some of the findings of the 2022 Moving Migration Report were expected, a number of others were surprising. Here are some of the top takeaways from the report:

  • Move volume, or the number of individuals that moved in 2022 was down compared to previous years.
  • Southern states remained primary draws for those moving, with top destinations South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, and Florida.
  • For the fourth year in a row, Illinois has the largest percentage of individuals moving out of the state.
  • Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina have consistently been on the list of top inbound states since 2020.
  • Many of the moves revolve around the flexibility of remote work and those choosing to take the route of early retirement.

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