SCAR - Small Claims Assessment Review

Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR)

If you still have not received satisfaction on the other steps we have outlined to challenge your assessment, you can file for a Small Claims Assessment Review meeting. This is a meeting between the property owner, the assessor and a Hearing Officer. You can explain your grievance to an impartial judge who will then review the case.

The cost is $30.00.

In order to file for a Small Claims Assessment Review, you must present your grievance before your local Board of Assessment Review first.

As a property owner you may complete the petition or  hire someone to complete it for you. If someone files the petition for you you must still complete the section, "Designation of Representative."


  • File as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last day.
  • You do not have to send all your information with the petition. Have it available at your Hearing.
  • Let the Hearing Officer know you have it available to him/her. It will then be their decision if they want to review it or not.
  • Too much information will only go unread.
  • Best results may be achieved by been using the Excessive Assessment approach we describe on the website. It requires less supporting documentation and is easier to prove your grievance. We have also provided Case Studies that may be helpful to review.
  • To support your clain, you may also want to refer to How to Estimate the Value of Your Property.


1. Fill out the SCAR Petition for outside New York City.

2. We would suggest all mailings be by Certified Mail with return receipt. When delivered in person, always get a time & date stamp as a receipt. These are the places you will need to take or mail the petitions. (Personally I make all copies "originals" by signing and filling out each copy individually)

A. The ORIGINAL and two copies must be filed with the County Clerk in which the property you are grieving is located. A $30.00 fee must also accompany the Petition. It is not required only suggested you send any other information than the Petition itself.

B. Mail one copy to the clerk of the assessing unit. This would be the clerk of the town your property is located within.

C. Mail one copy to the clerk of the school district your property is located in.

D. Mail one copy to the County Treasurer your property is located in.

E. Mail one copy to the local assessor.

F. Mail one copy to the Village Clerk if your property is located within a village.

Petition Form & More Information

Fillable Petition

SCAR NY Courts Website

General Info & Instructions

IMPORTANT: You can use either the Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader* to fill out the application.

To save data entered in your form, you must use the Foxit Reader.
Using Foxit* (a free & easy way to download Reader):
Next, install Foxit, using these instructions.

*You must use Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser when working with Foxit.

Updated Jan 26, 2024