Senior Citizens Property Tax Exemption

If your local government and school district opted to grant a reduction on the amount of property taxes paid by qualifying senior citizens the taxable assessment of a senior's home may be reduced by as much as 50%.

To qualify, you generally must be 65 years of age or older and meet certain income limitations and other requirements.

  • For the 50% exemption, the law allows each county, city, town, village, or school district to set the maximum income limit at any figure between $3,000 and $50,000.
  • Towns may also adopt three sliding-scale options to provide a benefit to seniors with incomes greater than the local maximum. Under these options, qualifying seniors may receive the exemption if their income is below: $55,700 for a 20% exemption, $57,500 for a 10% exemption, or $58,400 for a 5% exemption.

Municipal corporations are required to notify homeowners of the availability of the senior citizens exemption. Watch for newsletters in the mail or email with details for your town, or check your town's website.

Contact your local assessor for the income limits in your community.

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Instructions for Form RP-467
Application for Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Senior Citizens

Updated Feb 9, 2023